Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

For mountaineering you need proper shoes. There are often no normal hiking boots. I bought the Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx and have tested it for a long time. In the summer I will also be with them on the highest point of my tour, at 4500m. Then I can update this post if necessary again. First, I’ll explain why you can not wear normal walking shoes. It’s not just about the cold!

Why mountain boots instead of hiking boots?

Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

The Hanwag Ferrata Combi Gtx from below. Nice profile!

Many people think that you only buy expensive mountain boots because your feet are warmer in them. That’s an important point, of course. It is not the only one. This mountaineering shoe is very firm and stable. So that I can also attach crampons there. Normal hiking boots are very soft. You can bend most of them with your hands. This is not possible with this one. The sole of him is extremely firm. I usually need crampons to walk on glaciers or on snow. I can not attach them to normal hiking boots because they would simply fall off.

Why the Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx?

Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

The Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx from the side!

I was in an outdoor shop and tried on many shoes. The first time it was a bit strange when I went with such a firm shoe. It felt like I was wearing ski boots. In the end I chose the Ferrata Combi gtx because it was the most comfortable one. I could run best with him. And I also think he does not look bad in terms of color 😀 But that should not be the most important thing. He was also rated very well. But I’ll give you a few facts here.

Facts about the Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

Weight according to manufacturer: 1500 g (UK 7,5)

Membrane: Gore-Tex

Crampon festival: Yes

A special feature is that the shoe is also crampon. That’s why I bought it myself. I think this shoe can be worn up to a height of 4900 meters. In addition I would personally get another shoe, which is then suitable for expeditions. But it depends on where you are at this altitude. For example, if you climb the El Misti (about 5800m) in Peru, then you can still be out and about with these shoes. But if you’re on the Elbrus (about 5600m.) In Russia, then I would buy another shoe again.

Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx from the front. Long shoelaces are very important!

I’ve often just hiked with the Ferrata Combi gtx. There were no climbing tours, but just a few hikes in Rhineland-Palatinate. And I also found it better than normal hiking boots. Especially because he is so high at the ankles. And he is totally waterproof. I have already walked through hundreds of streams. And he still keeps my feet dry.


Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx

Hanwag Ferrata Combi gtx from above. There is enough space in the shoe!

But there are also few disadvantages. For example, that you do not have that much feeling. Because he is so firm. But you do not kill that easily. So you realize that this shoe is actually the perfect all-rounder boot. You can use it everywhere. At least up to a certain height.

I wish you a lot of fun with the shoe and hope that you like it as well 😀

Until next time


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